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Disclosure Unknown people call Volynians on behalf of the Regional Military Administration and swindle money

This was recorded by the fact-checkers of the “Brekhunets” (Liar) project. They say that unknown persons are allegedly calling on behalf of the chairman of the Volyn Regional Military Administration, Yurii Pohuliaiko, and sending a fake letter to Viber with a request to send funds. The report says that the funds will allegedly be directed to equipment for the Ukrainian army.

The Volyn Regional Military Administration noted that they did not send such letters and did not make phone calls. Karina Marynevych, the head of the information policy department of the Volyn Regional Military Administration, assured that such fraudulent schemes do not appear for the first time, and they know how to deal with it. It also conveyed this information to the head of the Volyn RMA, and he will soon come out with a statement about the fake on his pages of social networks.

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