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Fake On the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the Museum of Modern Art in New York allegedly showed an exhibition where the Ukrainian military was a “heap of waste”

Propagandists on social media are circulating a photograph and video purporting to depict an exhibition marking the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The authors of these reports claim that there was a thematic exhibition where the Ukrainian military was presented as a pile of waste. The photo also shows an Instagram story with information related to the exhibition called Heroiam Slava. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the sakartvel project MythDetector drew attention to it. They found out that in fact these videos are an exhibition of the artist William Cobbing and it has nothing to do with Ukraine. The museum also did not host any exhibitions with the name that propagandists refer to.

In fact, the video showcases a project by contemporary artist William Cobbing called Social Substance, consisting of a series of video works, sculptures and exhibitions. The main element of the project is clay, and the artist himself explores the complex relationships between people immersed in shapeless piles of clay, where ceramic objects and television screens merge into one. The works often depict people partially covered in a mass of clay. Cobbing presented this project in 2023 and himself distributed a video about it on social networks. This exhibition was not held at MoMA in New York, but was held as part of the British Ceramics Biennial at the Air Space Gallery.

Propagandists spread such fakes in order to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and create the false impression that this discrediting is also supported in the Western cultural space.

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