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Fake In France, a magazine was published with a cover that allegedly depicted Macron as a “plucked evil rooster”

Propagandists spread the word that the French are “mocking their Macron-Napoleon” and this seems to be confirmed by the cover of the French magazine L'Hémicycle, where Macron is depicted as a ragged angry rooster. They even claim that this cover was “hotly discussed” on the France 24 TV channel, and cite a fragment from the TV show where it was allegedly shown.

However, the authenticity of these claims is questionable, as the French magazine L'Hémicycle never ran a cover with Macron as a ragged rooster, and France 24 never aired a “ragged rooster with Macron's head” on air. Specialists of the StopFake project drew attention to this.

They found out that L'Hémicycle is a French independent magazine published quarterly with analysis, interviews, stories and narratives. The cover of L'Hémicycle is shown on social media, with the words Winter 2023 at the top and the issue number - 514. On the official website of L'Hémicycle, one can see the latest issue of the magazine, which was published on December 20, 2023. It also has the inscription Winter 2023 on the top right and the number 514 on the left. This confirms that it is about this particular issue of the magazine. However, the actual cover of the issue features a rooster's head as the symbol of the French Republic, not Emmanuel Macron. And even before that, the magazine had never been published with the cover distributed by the propagandists.

The program on France 24 did show the winter issue of L'Hémicycle, but the real one, with a rooster's head. So, Russian propaganda also changed the video of the French TV channel, inserting a fake cover with Macron in it.

Propagandists again created a fake with the aim of discrediting the political leaders of the European Union - this time Emmanuel Macron. Detector Media wrote how Russian propaganda reacted to the recent statements of the French president.

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