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Fake In France, a 20-meter Ukrainian flag was allegedly splashed during a rally

Photos of women holding a large blue and yellow flag are being shared online. The publications add that the photo was taken during a rally of the “Marseille-Odesa” organization on the steps of the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille (France).

Propagandists stressed that the action allegedly outraged local residents, who began to trample and wave the Ukrainian flag. “Apparently, the French are already very fed up with the Ukrainians, if they are ready to do this with the “state” flag”, the propagandists comment. However, this is not true.

The VoxCheck analysts note that there is no information about a similar incident during the campaign. The “outraged” French could simply be invented by propagandists.

After all, on the official page of the “Marseille-Odesa” organization on Facebook, you can find the corresponding photo, which is used by fakers in their publications. In her caption, the head of the union Nataliia Dobrianska reports on the action and notes that Odesans like the stairs to the Saint-Charles station because they remind them of the Potemkin stairs in Odesa. However, neither the caption to the photo nor the comments to the post contain any mention of the flag-lowering incident.

Moreover, neither the Ukrainian nor the French media have any information about such incidents during the action.

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