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Manipulation Germany is persecuting the relatives of an "independent" journalist who tells the truth about a "special operation"

This is reported by the Russian media. Allegedly in Germany, journalist Alina Lipp and her parents were blocked from accessing bank accounts. Allegedly, this is how the German authorities reacted to the fact that Lipp shows the truth about the Donbas. As propagandists write, "the family is being hounded, persecuted and threatened." This is manipulation.

Alina Lipp is a German blogger who claims to be an "independent journalist" but in reality spreads Russian propaganda narratives. Lipp is included in the "Peacemaker" database for propaganda of Russian Nazism, informational support of the "special operation", etc.

According to the fact-checkers of The Insider project, the German prosecutor's office did block the account of the "journalist" because she collected donations in Germany in support of her propaganda activities, and then transferred the funds to a personal account in a Russian bank. Paypal closed the account of Lipp and her father, who lives in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Fact-checkers suggest that Lipp's mother's account may also have been blocked due to participation in a scheme to finance illegal activities. However, this information has not yet been verified.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to pass off punishment for the criminal activities of its colleague as an attempt to put pressure on “independent media” and “independent journalists”.

Disclosure Fake accounts launched a "Hungry" flash mob against anti-Russian sanctions on Twitter

The first five posts with the hashtag #againstsanctions on Twitter were posted from suspicious or fake accounts, according to fact-checker MythDetector. Europeans seem to have started posting photos of empty plates with the message that everyone ate the sanctions.

Message Future winter without Russian gas is an important test for Germany

Russia has stepped up its "gas blackmail", that is, it continues to intimidate Europeans with the prospect of a cold winter. In particular, propaganda in this context often uses the emotional verb "survive" and refers to experts predicting a gloomy future for the German economy and industry.

Message European countries trying to "punish" Russia are already actively paying for it - both the countries themselves and their citizens

This was said by the Russian president's spokesman Dmytro Peskov. Like, sooner or later these countries will ask whether Volodymyr Zelenskyy is doing everything right.

In fact, in response to Russia's unprecedented and unprovoked military attack on Ukraine, the EU imposed seven packages of sanctions. The European Commission also proposed to extend all current sanctions until the end of January 2023.

As Josep Borrell says, such a quick rejection of Russian energy carriers creates serious difficulties for many EU countries, as well as for several sectors of the economy. But this is the price that, according to the politician, must be paid for the protection of democracy and international law, and the EU takes the necessary measures to solve these problems in the spirit of full solidarity.

Manipulation Sanctions prevent Gazprom from supplying more gas to Europe

Russian media and users of social networks write about this. They said that the company cannot guarantee the pumping of gas, in particular to Germany, due to sanctions and "technical problems" with the Siemens turbine. Therefore, Russia absolves itself of responsibility for reducing gas supplies to Europe. He said that the "unfriendly policy of the West" and the lack of "maintenance" of the gas pipeline are to blame for everything. It does not.

The sanctions are not the reason for the reduction of gas supplies to the EU, since there is currently no gas embargo and there are no obstacles to the return of the turbine to Russia. A significant reduction in supplies is due to political reasons.

The executive director of the company "Siemens Energy" Joe Kezer believes that Russia is deliberately seeking to involve their company in the conflict because even the repair of the turbine cannot cause such a drop in gas pumping volumes. According to StopFake, even before the start of repair work, deliveries were reduced by 40%.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after a personal inspection of the turbine, concluded that there are no technical reasons for reducing gas volumes. The press secretary of the European Commission, Eric Mamer, denied the information that the EU sanctions against Russia prevent the supply of turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline. He says Russia is using energy supplies as leverage to blackmail Europe over its opposition to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.