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Fake Women were allegedly abandoned to fight near Avdiivka

A video is being circulated online where several women in military uniform claim that they were sent to fight near Avdiivka because of the decision of the Zelenskyi regime. They say that the reason for this is Zelenskyi’s desire to create a “picture” for the Munich Security Forum. However, the video is most likely staged.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to this. Firstly, the women in the video are unlikely to actually be military personnel - makeup, long hair and manicure usually interfere with the performance of combat missions. Also, they do not have the equipment that is necessary during the battle. In addition, there are no identifying marks on their uniforms.

Secondly, in the video the Ukrainian language of the woman trying to speak it is noticeably “broken”. This may indicate that she is not a native speaker.

Thirdly, the video appeared for the first time on a TikTok profile, which was probably created specifically for the distribution of this video. This is the only message on this page that indicates its inorganic appearance. The video is being circulated exclusively by pro-Russian anonymous telegram channels and pro-Russian groups on Facebook, but even users of these channels express doubts about its authenticity.

Propagandists spread such fakes to discredit the Ukrainian government and Zelenskyi personally, especially against the backdrop of active public discussion of possible changes in the mobilization process. Detector Media has already written about other Russian inventions regarding mobilization in Ukraine.

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