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Disclosure Unknown people send phishing emails from ukr.net in order to gain access to email accounts

This was discovered by specialists of the State Service for Special Communications. They explained that the attackers allegedly send emails on behalf of ukr.net technical support, claiming that the user has “fixed” suspicious activity. Attachments are also included as a PDF file called Security Warning.pdf. The scammers send emails to the fake ukr.net technical support email address - account.support.0@ukr.net. The PDF document itself indicates that the email box can be blocked and you should confirm access to the account in order to avoid this. Subsequently, the letter contains a link that you need to “go to”. However, the link directs to a fraudulent site that imitates the web page of the mail service. If one enters their data there, unknown people can gain access to your email box. At the moment, experts are eliminating the consequences of the problem and trying to minimize cases of user data leakage.

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