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Fake Ukrainian air defense shoots down rare birds, confusing them with drones, Greenpeace

A video allegedly produced by the environmental organization Greenpeace is being circulated on social networks in the Russian segment. It says that Ukrainian air defense poses a danger to a rare species of bird - the white-tailed eagle.

In 2024 alone, air defenses allegedly mistakenly shot down 138 individuals, confusing them with enemy drones. As a result, they say in the video, the population of rodents on which eagles feed is rapidly growing in Ukrainian fields, which harms the harvest. The video also includes a “quote” from British military expert Jonathon Riley, who seems to accuse Ukrainian air defense operators of inexperience.

StopFake fact-checkers analyzed the case and found that Greenpeace did not publish such a story - this can be checked by searching the organization’s website using the keywords “Ukraine”, “eagles”, etc. There are no videos on the project’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

It is most likely that the propagandists edited this video themselves.

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