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Fake Ukraine allegedly wants to start negotiations with Russia at the end of 2024

Pro-Russian resources are spreading information that Kyiv is using naval drones to be able to negotiate with Moscow at the end of 2024 or already in 2025. This is what American journalist Andrew Kramer thinks, according to propaganda media. However, this is fake.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Security analyzed this case. In fact, Volodymyr Zelenskyi noted during his press conference on December 19 that the issue of negotiations with Russia is currently irrelevant. The Ukrainian president considers the “peace formula” to be the only working platform. Among its points are the restoration of the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine, security guarantees from other countries and fair punishment of Russia for all war crimes committed. Zelenskyi also noted that it is impossible to compromise with the liar that Putin is.

Andrew Kramer is a pro-Russian journalist who called the Azov battalion “neo-Nazi” and the war in Donbas “separatist”. Ukraine's preparation for negotiations is Cramer's invention. Thus, he and the propaganda resources are trying to convince everyone that Ukraine is doomed to defeat, and negotiations with Russia are the only real way out of the situation.

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