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Fake The USA stopped the work of the consulate in Odesa

The Russian media reported this information. They said that not only the consulate in Odesa was closed, but also the US embassy in Kyiv stopped working, and employees were evacuated due to a "bacteriological" attack on Kyiv, which the American army would prepare. It is not true.

During the period of Ukraine's independence, that is, since 1991, there has never been a US consulate in Odesa. There is no information about the consulate in Odesa on the website of the US Embassy in Ukraine. It is confirmed by checking the information on the website EmbassyPages.com. As StopFake writes, the last US representative office in Odesa was closed in 1918, and its work has not been resumed since then. The US Embassy in Kyiv is also open, although the agency's website has asked Americans to leave Ukraine. Propagandists' assumption that the American military is preparing a "bacteriological" attack on Kyiv is also part of the fakes about American biolaboratories in Ukraine. Detektor Media has already reported on the "suspension" of the US Embassy in Kyiv and the existence of "biolaboratories."

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