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Manipulation The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights recognized that Ukraine is no longer a constitutional state

This thesis was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The reports say that allegedly the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights admitted that Ukraine is no longer a constitutional state. That is, such a state, which is led by the so-called “Kyiv regime” in its own interests. However, this is manipulation.

VoxCehck specialists analyzed this case and came to the conclusion that in the report, experts did not indicate that Ukraine is a non-legal state, pointing out possible gaps in the legislation that should be corrected. The monitoring focused on massive violations of human rights by the Russian side and individual cases of violations by Ukraine.

The report, for example, says that after the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the authorities received broader powers to detain persons who pose a threat to national security. According to the authors of the report, these changes may have contributed to the spread of the practice of arbitrary (illegal) detention. Also, in propaganda publications, they completely ignored the part that deals with the crimes of the Russian military. In particular, the report documented 864 cases of arbitrary detention of persons by the Russian side.

The authors of the report also described in detail the moments of “filtering” in the temporarily occupied areas. When people were arrested in their homes, on the streets or at checkpoints. The Russians searched them, took fingerprints and looked through the contents of mobile phones. To each fact cited were added real stories of surviving eyewitnesses.

That is, the report itself was created with the goal of highlighting moments when Russia violated human rights. As for the Ukrainian side, the report also described characteristic moments, but most of the cases were recorded on the Russian side, which the propagandists did not mention.

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