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Disclosure The Russians shot a staged video about the detention of "Ukrainian saboteurs" on the territory of Russia

The Center reported it for Strategic Communications and Information Security at the NSDC. On October 12, the Russian FSB said the "prevention of two acts of sabotage" allegedly committed by "Ukrainian agents" who entered Russia through Estonia. One was "detained" in the Bryansk region after seizing an improvised explosive device, the other in the Moscow region with two "Igla" MANPADS.

The video about the detention of "Ukrainian saboteurs" is a production. The Center drew attention to the fact that the "Ukrainian saboteur" allegedly drove around the Moscow region in a car loaded with weapons and Ukrainian license plates. This video was shot simultaneously from several angles to make it look more dynamic; they probably had to do several takes. It is indicated by the difference in the distance between the cars in different frames.

The FSB also announced the "opening" of the case of sabotage on the Crimean Bridge. As evidence, the Russians showed an X-ray of a truck that was allegedly mined, but the truck was missing one of its rear axles.

Unlike the rest of the wheels, the spare wheel shines through as if an empty tire had been glued to the bottom.

Russian propaganda systematically uses staged videos about the involvement of "Ukrainians" in crimes already committed on the territory of Russia or about preemptive arrests. Earlier, propagandists filmed a film about the "exposure of SBU agents" in the temporarily occupied Kherson region.

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