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Disclosure The Russians made a film about “disclosing SSU agents” in the Kherson region

The purpose of the film is to discredit the Security Service of Ukraine and accuse Ukraine of terrorist activities in the territory of the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region and the Crimean peninsula.

According to Kavun.City, the invaders staged a multi-act performance with the participation of pseudo-journalists, FSS officers and actors of various roles: “double agents”, “SSU officer”, “victims of terror”, “perpetrators of assassination attempts”, etc.

The video, lasting more than 17 minutes, was made by the Russian propaganda TV channel RT. The “premier” took place in the evening of September 12, in the morning of the same day they spread “news” about the detention of “SSU agents” in Crimea, messages and short clippings from interviews with “victims of staged atentates”, short interviews with “random perpetrators” and the announcement of a “big investigations."

Propagandists allegedly talk about a three-month secret operation by the FSS to prevent the murders of "representatives of the authorities of the liberated cities of Ukraine" and expose the "terrorist activities" of the Ukrainian special services. In particular, it is told that the Ukrainian media reported the murder of collaborators from Nova Kakhovka Serhii Tomko and Vitalii Hura. However, all Ukrainian media reports on this matter had a single source: the propaganda resources of the enemy.

The authors are trying to demonize the Ukrainian special services, so they add specific bloody details to the story, claim that “Ukrainian special services work according to terrorist methods”, and compare them with the Islamic State. The film was immediately shot in English, and then adapted for Russian-speaking viewers. The release of the "tape" was accompanied by massive media support.

Russian propaganda uses cinema not for the first time to promote pro-Russian narratives and create virtual reality. Previously, "Media Detector" talked about the propaganda films "Mariupol: Chronicles of a Russian City" and "Russian Kherson". We've been waiting for this for 30 years." Thus, Russian propagandists create virtual reality and wishful thinking.

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