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Manipulation The occupation authorities distribute drinking water and restore the water supply in Mariupol

Such news is spreading on social networks, in particular in the Telegram channel of the so-called emergency service of the enterprise "Donbass Water". In fact, the occupation administration hides the most important thing: the water does not meet sanitary standards and is unsuitable for drinking.

According to Voxcheck fact-checkers, water supply remains one of the biggest problems in temporarily occupied Mariupol. Earlier, the Mariupol City Council published a study by the Zaporizhzhia Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Volunteers received a water sample for testing, which was later handed over to the center.

The test revealed signs of water mixing with fecal matter, which means that such water should not be drunk: there is a risk of contracting diarrheal infections. Residents of Mariupol are advised to boil water to avoid poisoning.

The occupiers tried to refute the fact that the water was insufficiently purified. The mock Ministry of Defense of the DNR claimed that it was carrying out epidemiological surveillance of water. However, no documents confirming these facts were published.

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