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Fake The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Andrii Pyshnyi bought an article from The American Insider

The network of propagandists began to distribute allegedly screenshots of an article allegedly published in the American publication The American Insider about the head of the National Bank Andrii Pyshnyi. The material seems to contain information that there are no grounds for the dismissal of the head of the NBU and no favorable reviews of his work. Enemy resources claim that Andrii Pyshnyi ordered an article from an online resource for money. It's fake.

Colleagues from the Center for Countering Disinformation analyzed the original source and found out that the site to which the propagandists refer was registered as recently as October 2023. That is, it is fake. Another confirmation of this is that the first publications on the same site are dated September 2023. It can be argued that at least one of the purposes of creating this resource is to spread misinformation for one's own purposes.

It should also be noted that in the United States there is a publication called America Insider, which has a similar name, but it uses the “org” domain, while on the fake site one  can see the “live” domain.

In this case, Russian propaganda uses discrediting tactics, that is, it undermines the authority of Andrii Pyshnyi in order to reduce the population of Ukraine towards him and the institution he heads. At the same time, propagandists hope to provoke panic among Ukrainians and reduce international support for Ukraine in order to weaken our state's ability to finance defense needs. This fake is a continuation of the information campaign against the National Bank of Ukraine, which Russia began back in March 2023.

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