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Manipulation Temporary checkpoints were allegedly set up in Kyiv to hand in draft notices

Propaganda resources write that all the new checkpoints and engineering barriers installed in Kyiv are used to distribute draft notices. However, this is a fake.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Security analyzed this case. They found out that, according to official data from the head of the capital’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Serhii Popka, in different areas of the capital from December 25 to 28, 2023, the Defense Forces, together with the National Police and other units, are practicing training to increase the level of skills, interaction and combat effectiveness of all structures. These exercises involve the deployment of temporary checkpoints, the installation of restrictive signs, and elements of engineering barriers. There is also testing of vehicles, documents, checkpoint security elements, and certain demonstration, search and counter-sabotage activities.

Popko noted the systemic need for such training to identify shortcomings, correct mistakes and better prepare to protect the city and its residents from potential threats.

Russian propaganda is trying to discredit the mobilization process in Ukraine by spreading fake news of this kind. The spread of the fake news about the distribution of draft notices at temporary checkpoints in Kyiv occurs against the backdrop of the Bill of December 25, 2023 to improve certain issues of mobilization, military registration and military service. More materials on the topic of mobilization can be found here.

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