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Fake Russian hackers allegedly destroyed thousands of Kyivstar computers and servers

Russian hackers of the so-called Solntsepek group claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the mobile operator Kyivstar. They claim to have allegedly destroyed ten thousand computers, more than four thousand servers and all cloud storage and backup systems. It's fake.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Security has processed this information. Kyivstar representative Iryna Lelichenko said in an interview with Liga.net that the personal data of the mobile operator’s users is safe, and the information about the alleged destruction of “computers and servers” is not true. In addition, any “randomly collected technological data” has nothing to do with this cyberattack.

After the cyber attack, the work of the Kyivstar network has already been partially resumed and it started working for users in many regions of Ukraine. To restore communication, sometimes you need to restart your phone.

By inventing information about thousands of destroyed computers and servers, the Russians tried to sow panic among Ukrainians and assure them that they should worry about personal data. We also wrote that the Cyber Police are warning about fraudulent activity in instant messengers aimed at Kyivstar users.

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