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Fake Russia does not steal Ukrainian grain and does not destroy the agricultural infrastructure of Ukraine

On the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia website, a publication appeared under the title "Debunking the myths that the EU leadership feasts on." In it, Russia tries to justify its crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Among other things, the article "refutes the fake" that Russia does not steal grain from Ukraine and does not destroy agricultural and agrarian infrastructure. However, everything said by the Russians is not true.

This time, the fake was refuted by French fact-checkers in the True or False program. With the help of satellite images, videos from users of social networks, and based on open data about the movement of ships, the journalists proved that Russian ships have repeatedly taken out grain from the port in occupied Sevastopol. The video also shows how the Russians deliberately attacked Ukrainian agricultural facilities and stole agricultural machinery. Russia has repeatedly used the issue of supplying the world market with Ukrainian grain and agricultural products as a tool of blackmail due to a possible food crisis and famine in the countries of Africa and Asia. More details.

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