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Fake Putin banned oil exports to the United States, which brought down the American economy

American media spreading pro-Russian rhetoric claim that Russian President Volodymyr Putin allegedly banned oil exports to the United States and that has already led to the destruction of the American economy. It's fake.

The fact-checkers of USA TODAY paid attention to the message. They note that Putin has nothing to ban in this situation, since the US banned the import of Russian oil, natural gas and coal as early as 2022. In addition, there is no information about retaliatory steps on the part of Putin.

Fact-checkers of the publication note that although the United States consumes more oil than it produces, they do not depend on Russian oil to the extent that this would greatly affect the American economy. In 2021, only 3% of all crude oil imported into the US came from Russia, according to The Wall Street Journal.

By using such messages, propagandists want to create the illusion that the fate of the West is in the hands of Russia and that without it, it falls to pieces. In particular, in propaganda media one can often see messages according to which the European Union and NATO are about to fall apart. All this is done in order to distract the world from the problems of Russia.

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