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Manipulation Not to starving Africans, but to Western ports, Ukraine exports grain

The Russian propaganda machine has alleged that Ukraine ships commercial cargo to European ports, while African countries manage to make ends meet. In other words, the West allegedly lied, stating that the unblocking of Ukrainian ports is vital to the world's food security.

16 ships that deliver agricultural products to nine countries of the world left Ukrainian ports according to data provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. It has been reported that more than 438 tons of grain have already been delivered to the ports of Turkey, Ireland, Great Britain, China, Iran, Italy, and Korea, according to the UN, which monitors each Ukrainian ship. These are deliveries under pre-war contracts, StopFake fact-checkers learned.

At the same time, on August 15, a ship with 23 tons of grain as part of the World Food Aid Program left Djibouti. In total, they plan to send 30 tons of grain from Ukraine. UN experts approve the renewal of trade with Ukraine and note its impact which reflects in low prices. At the same time, Russia's blockade of Ukrainian ports, in their opinion, has significantly increased the threat of famine in African countries, which are currently suffering from a decade-long drought.

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