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Fake Kyiv university students are allegedly sent to dig trenches instead of practice

Information is being spread online that at one of the Kyiv universities, instead of practical training, students are sent to “dig trenches in Irpin”. This is evidenced by a notice on the wall of the university.

Analysts of the VoxCheck project explained that the announcement is fake, because there is no announcement about the relevant practice on the website of the educational institution or on social networks.

According to the information on the “announcement”, it is about the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. After all, the facade of the educational institution and the university’s coat of arms were depicted on the leaflet.

However, the student groups listed in the announcement do not exist. Moreover, on the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture website in the section “Agreements with practice bases” there are no military units. In addition, the contracts indicate that the party receiving students undertakes not to use the labor of education seekers in jobs and positions that “do not correspond to the practice program and future specialty”.

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