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Fake Kherson water is infected with cholera

Information was disseminated in local groups of social networks, allegedly in Kherson, cholera is expected to appear in the water, which will lead to mortality “more than from COVID”. The outbreak of the disease is allegedly caused by “decomposing corpses” near the rivers flowing into the Dnipro. It's fake.

It was noticed in the Kherson edition of “Kavun. city” (Watermelon.city). Its journalists found out that messages with a fake spread in Kherson chats had already been used in Russian local chats a year ago. At the same time, the fake was then refuted by the Russian media.

Journalists of the publication also note that the abbreviation BSMP, which is referred to in the fake, is rarely used in Ukraine, which indicates the Russian nature of the creation of the message. The information on the fake was also refuted by the Kherson military administration and by the local Water utility office, recalling that water from the Dnipro river is not used for water supply.

Thus, propagandists want to cause panic among the population and distrust of local authorities. All this is done to divert attention from the crimes of Russians at the front.

Last year,  Russian propaganda launched a wave of similar fakes in relation to Ukrainian cities, in particular, about “contaminated water” in Kyiv and Odesa.

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