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Fake In Rio de Janeiro, they put a Ukrainian embroidered shirt on the statue of Christ the Savior

In the Ukrainian segment of the social network Facebook, photographs and news are being circulated that in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the statue of Christ the Savior was allegedly dressed in a giant embroidered shirt. It seems that this was done as part of an action in support of Ukraine. It's fake.

The case was investigated by the fact-checker of the VoxCheck project. They found the original photo of the statue, as well as an edited photo on the social network X (formerly Twitter), which appeared back in August 2022. It was posted by the user Metreveli Nugzar, ridiculing pro-Russian politicians.

Neither the website nor the pages and other resources of the Embassy of Ukraine in Brazil and the Embassy of Brazil in Ukraine wrote about the act of dressing the statue in embroidery.

Previously, we refuted the fake news that ants carried an icon of Jesus Christ from a destroyed house in Makiivka.

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