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Fake In Mykolaiv, military registration and enlistment office employees arrange competitions for the delivery of draft notices

Russian media and pro-Russian telegram channels distribute a photo of an alleged “honor board” on which they post the results of handing over draft notices. The reports claim that employees of one of the Territorial recruitment and social support centers in Mykolaiv are allegedly competing for weekend vacations in a cottage. The competition is ostensibly called the Safari draft notice. It's fake.

Fact-checkers of the StopFake project did not find any evidence that this photo is related to Mykolaiv and the Territorial recruitment and social support center. The Mykolaiv regional recruitment and social support center denied the possibility of holding such competitions among workers.

To create a fake, black-and-white photos of poor quality were used, which complicates their verification. In the photo, men are in civilian clothes, although the employees of the Territorial recruitment and social support center must be in military uniform. The fact checker suggests that these photos are generated by artificial intelligence. Actually, the use of the word “safari” in the title immediately associates negatively with the messages that men are being hunted in Ukraine.

Russian propaganda systematically parasitizes on the topic of mobilization, moreover, they use a network of agenda telegram channels for this. Propaganda uses the facts of real violations in the mobilization process to give credibility to its messages, in particular, regarding the combat training of teenagers, the mobilization of women, etc. The propagandists also claimed that the Territorial recruitment and social support center  is an illegal structure, so the draft notices are also issued illegally.

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