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Newspeak How Russia blurs reality with the help of a newspeak: “evacuation”

“It’s safer in Russia”, “protect your life and your children” – such theses are promoted by Russian propaganda in the temporarily occupied territories in order to facilitate the deportation of women and children taken to Russia or to the annexed Crimea. To hide the fact of the crime, propagandists use the term “evacuation”.

By the term “evacuation” propagandists mean the removal of people from the war zone and the provision of a “safe” place to live. Like, Kherson region, Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Kharkiv region are unsuitable for life and people from there need to leave for a safer place. Usually, Russian propaganda attracts adult Ukrainians with a variety of “profitable offers”: provision of housing, registration of a special quota, etc. However, it is not known for certain whether such a category of persons really received the “privileges” declared by Russia. As for other categories of people, namely children, Russian propaganda actively promoted messages about “health camps”, “recreation centers” and stated that Ukrainian children “need to be saved”.

In fact, this is not an “evacuation”, but a deportation of the Ukrainian people. That is, Russia substitutes the concept and calls the forced deportation “salvation”. People do not come back, and even can go missing, in particular, children. For example, the investigation of one of these trips to the camp was described by the American publication NYT, which published the story of a resident of the Kharkiv region, whose child went to Russia in August to a free children's camp, supposedly safe from constant shelling. As of November 23, when the NYT story came out, the child had not returned to his mother yet. And in general it is impossible to establish what percentage of people go to Russia voluntarily and in general if  such people exist.

At least 2 million 800 thousand Ukrainians were forced to leave or were deported to Russian territory. And this is by no means the fault of the eight-year shelling of Donbas by Ukraine (already nine years), but the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the destruction of villages, cities and towns, the occupation of territories. A terrorist country kidnaps people, brings them into the depths of Russia, so that it would be as difficult as possible for them to return home, to their homeland. All deported people are deprived of their means of communication, their documents are taken away and they are intimidated, and children are tried to be adopted illegally.