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Fake Employees of Territorial centers of recruitment and social support allegedly train Kyiv schoolchildren

A video is being circulated online in which a Kyiv woman claims that the Territorial center  of recruitment and social support representatives are training children in Kyiv schools before they go to war. However, this is fake.

In fact, the video shows practical training on the subject “Defense of Ukraine”, the VoxCheck project reports. According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 26, 2020, the subject “Defense of the Fatherland” in Ukrainian schools was renamed “Defense of Ukraine”. The Ministry of Education and Science also issued recommendations for teaching “Defense of Ukraine” in general secondary education institutions in 2023/2024. According to them, the goals of training are, in particular, to prepare students for the defense of Ukraine, professional orientation of young people to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations, ensuring their own safety and the safety of other people in emergency situations in peacetime and war.

In the lessons from “Defense of Ukraine”, it is recommended for students to conduct practical classes, in particular at the bases of military units, Territorial centers  of recruitment and social support, medical and health institutions and educational institutions. The Territorial centers  of recruitment and social support, as well as local governments, can indeed be involved in the organization and conduct of such events. The classes themselves may include drill techniques and movement without weapons, rehabilitation exercises to restore the body in the field, the basics of self-defense, etc.

“Defense of Ukraine” can be taught by graduates of pedagogical higher education institutions of the relevant specialty, reserve officers with military or other higher education, and also, in the absence of reserve officers, sergeants, reserve soldiers with higher education. And here it is important that for teachers the Ministry of Education and Science proposes to wear military uniforms (without insignia of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), specialized ones, and also medical uniforms. That is, the video depicts a teacher, and not a representative of the Territorial center  of recruitment and social support.

Similar practical classes for students are held in other cities of Ukraine. Completing them does not mean joining the army, since in Ukraine it is prohibited to mobilize citizens aged 18-25 if they are not liable for military service - have not served in military service or do not have military education. In the end, there is no information in any Kyiv or authoritative national Ukrainian publications that Territorial centers  of recruitment and social support trains schoolchildren.

It’s just that now the approach to teaching the “Defense of Ukraine” course in grades 10-11 is being updated and trainers for teachers from the program are being recruited. Read here who can become a coach. One can fill out the selection form until June 4, 2024.

Previously, we refuted the information that Rustem Umierov allegedly called for the mobilization of 16-year-old teenagers, and also analyzed the fake news about the alleged mobilization of 1000 students of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

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