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Fake CIA declassifies document alleging that Stepan Bandera was a spy for Adolf Hitler

Users of the American segment of Facebook and Twitter are spreading a screenshot and a link to a document allegedly declassified by the CIA. It states that the Ukrainian hero Stepan Bandera was allegedly “a professional spy for Hitler, known as Consul II”. It's fake.

The fact-checkers of the Reuters media drew attention to the case. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) posted on its website a translation of a Russian-language article from the magazine. And users of Facebook and Twitter mistakenly perceived the text as data from the CIA itself. Also, some of the correspondents shared a cropped screenshot, where the part that identifies the document as a translation is not visible.

In fact, the source of this article about Bandera as a spy for Hitler is the 1951 issue of the periodical Socialist Visnyk (Herald), which was published by the Mensheviks abroad.

Russian propaganda systematically promotes fakes about Stepan Bandera to convince the whole world that Ukrainians are Nazis. This discredits Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities. Earlier, Detector Media refuted the fake that Ukraine allegedly hides a real photo of Stepan Bandera with the German leadership.

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