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Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Fake Allegedly, there is a video with coffins containing “Polish mercenaries” being returned from Ukraine

Propagandists are circulating a short video on social media showing several men laying out what they claim are corpses in black bags in a square in central Warsaw. Many Polish flags and commemorative wreaths are visible in the background. In the description of the video they write: “Polish mercenaries are returning from the war in Ukraine!”, “Why are they being thrown away like sacks of potatoes?”, “Is this somehow disrespectful to the corpses?”, “Yes, that’s right, let’s eat and go home”, “I hope they realized that it’s better not to fight with the Russians!”, - readers of pro-Russian public pages comment on the video.

StopFake journalists managed to discover the original video. On March 23, it was published on the YouTube channel “ToNieNaszaWojna!” (It’s Not Our War!) under the title “Najgorszy dzień pokoju jest lepszy niż najpiękniejszy dzień wojny. Demo Warszawa, Polska 03.23.2024” (“The worst day of peace is better than the best day of war. Demonstration Warsaw, Poland, 03.23.2024”).

In fact, what is happening in the video is a performance that took place as part of the rally on March 23, 2024 in Warsaw. The description of the video says that this is an “anti-globalist, anti-American demonstration in Warsaw against the war in Ukraine”.

Propagandists want to intimidate foreigners with this video. They say they will be forcibly hired to die for Ukraine. However, participation in the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is voluntary.

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