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Manipulation At the base of the Red Cross in Mariupol, they were preparing for a chemical attack

The pro-Kremlin media spread this manipulative thesis, noting that training plans for protection against chemical weapons for 2019 were found at the Red Cross base in Mariupol. At the same time, Russian propaganda "reminds us" that pro-Russian militants then allegedly "reported the preparation of a provocation with chemical weapons in Mariupol." Thus, Russia is trying to convince that the Red Cross and the Ukrainian authorities allegedly "prepared a chemical attack." Such messages should operate on the principle of "information alibi." The Russian media is preparing an information background so that the Russian authorities can shift responsibility for the crimes committed in Ukraine.

The Red Cross, like the United Nations, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and others, is studying the effects of chemical weapons and trying to prevent their use. This is not the first time Russian propagandists have spread fakes and manipulations about the alleged "preparation of provocations with the use of chemical weapons by Ukraine." The propaganda also manipulates the fact that Ukrainians are provided with means of protection against chemical weapons - this allegedly proves Ukraine's intention to use them. In reality, it is protected in the event of a chemical attack by the Russian Federation.

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